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The Deeper Meaning of the Teachings of Christ

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

An audio playlist of teachings on spiritual transformation embedded in the teachings of Christ

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Axels Rowse
Axels Rowse
Apr 30, 2019

Awesome site! I have been studying world religions on my own for the past two years and found your Thomas video on Ytube. From there I found the Durkheim video and your facebook page. Wonderful to learn from a real spiritual guide! I did subscribe to your weekly video teaching and have read several recommended books: The Work (twice), The New Man, Psychological Commentaries V. 1 and 3, The Inner Restoration of Christianity, Yeshua the Cosmic Christ, and two others. I'm trying to find the original sources for Gourdjieff's Work ideas now in the books out there on Amazon. It's going to be a long road as I continue to find, read and reread. Thank you Rebecca and Ted!

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