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Friends, As some of you know, youtube has terminated five of my channels citing dubious reasons such as "associated" with my main channel. In other words, there were no stated copyright issues, just a new reason to remove the material. I will be re-uploading favorite and new videos to my channel at on a regular basis for those of you who are interested in having access to a continual stream of material on a variety of subjects. Subscribers to my two weekly online teaching groups will be receiving videos in their emails.

I am grateful for your continued support in the face of these obstacles.

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Dave Walker
Dave Walker

Ted, you have had a massive influence on my life in the last 6 years. I have bought a number of books published by Theosis and they are amazing.

One of the video's I enjoyed watching and following in the Jordanville Prayer Book is "The Six Psalms: Holy Moment". Is it possible to publish this one again?



Ted, I will follow you wherever you go, as your teachings are precious beyond words. Lara



We hunger for your guidance Ted and persist in following you on any platform. Exposure to other seekers is an other issue to address. Not exactly sure how we can help in that, but thank you already for continuing efforts.


Tony Nova Scotia
Tony Nova Scotia

I am sorry for your lost of all your hard work on YT. I am amaze how fast you recover from this bad situation. Thank for sharing all these diamonds of wisdom with all us. God Bless



Please post all your video's they are the best I've ever seen, your wisdom is from our heavenly father no dought. ...I tell so many people about your teaching and then they can't find them....God bless you teacher.

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